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Why P.A.C.E.S?

What is the reason to have these services under one roof?

First and foremost is convenience. We at P.A.C.E.S. understand that families lead very busy lives and have hectic schedules. By providing as many services as possible under one roof, our families save time and resources!

Furthermore, all services under one roof allows your child’s treatment team to work together as one multi-disciplinary unit. Our clinicians meet on a regular basis to discuss each child’s needs and to ensure the treatment plan in place is comprehensive, coherent, and empirically validated. In short, by all of your child’s clinicians working under one roof, your child’s treatment plan can truly be comprehensive, individualized, and implemented by ALL of the providers on your child’s treatment team!

Why do we need these services in Augusta?

Augusta, Georgia, is an under-served area for any individual with a psychological concern, especially for children on the autism spectrum. Considering that we are one of the major-medical areas in the Georgia, no other facility is equipped to offer comprehensives services. 

P.A.C.E.S. provides a unique opportunity for us to fulfill this need. Both Augusta and Richmond County are under-served areas for children with developmental concerns. Given that we are the second largest city in the state of Georgia, it would be worthwhile for parents to take their children to a clinic in the CSRA and not have to drive to Atlanta (or out of state) to receive these services. One of the benefits of Augusta is that there is a large military community (Fort Gordon, U.S. Army Base) here in the area and many military families have special developmental concerns that cannot be treated by the providers on post. Our clinic will be able to provide services to that population as well.

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