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Dr. Stephanie Northington, Ph.D.


Stephanie is awesome!

On a more serious note, Dr. Northington grew up in the CSRA. She received her B.S. (2000) in Psychology from Clemson University. For graduate school, Dr. Northington traveled to Chicago, IL, to attend the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). For a decade, Dr. Northington lived in Chicago, received her M.S. (2005) and Ph.D. (2009) in Psychology from IIT, and began clinical practice.

In 2011, Dr. Northington returned to the CSRA and obtained her license to practice psychology in Georgia. She was offered a position in the Behavioral Medicine Department at Walton Rehabilitation Hospital, where she worked with Evette and Allison in the Outpatient Clinic. During her time at Walton, she worked diligently to build a pediatric department and started creating lasting professional networking relationships with multiple providers in the area. She also began teaching for the Department of Psychological Sciences at Augusta University.

It was during her time at Walton Rehab that the idea of PACES was born. In 2017, she reached out to her colleagues and friends--Evette, Allison, and BriAnne--and the dream that was PACES became a reality!

In addition to providing assessment, diagnosis, and psychological intervention, Dr. Northington is an avid researcher and advocate for children with developmental concerns. She consistently presents research at national and international conferences, and she is asked to speak to parent support groups and professional groups. Her passion for providing quality services is clear! She is the only provider in the CSRA trained in PRT (Pivotal Response Treatment), and one of the few providers in the area trained to administer the ADOS-2, which is required for most ASD assessments.

While considered an expert in ASD and developmental concerns, the impact of these conditions is something Dr. Northington deals with personally as well as professionally. If anyone can understand the care, support, and advocacy you and your child or family may need, it is Dr. Northington!

She has strong family ties to the CSRA, and she worked hard to build a professional reputation in the area. In addition to being the fearless leader at PACES, she continues to teach at Augusta University. During her free time, she enjoys playing video games with her husband and kids, spending time with her dogs, and is an avid college football fan. 

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