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Enrollment Forms & Application Fee due 8/9/19



School Aged Program

This program is designed for school aged children (kindergarten to twelfth grades). 

All children are eligible, neurotypical and neuroatypical, regardless of diagnosis.  

We offer more than traditional after-school programs with staff trained in behavioral interventions.


A personalized curriculum will be developed and monitored by staff working directly with the children, a licensed Psychologist, and licensed Speech Therapist. This curriculum will incorporate your child's strengths while targeting any areas of weakness or concern.

Skills development will also be fostered in the following domains: 

  1. Tolerating transitions
  2.  functional communication
  3. mindful movement
  4. play and social skills
  5. Homework support

Hours & Tuition

Our day will run from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM, August - May 

Weekly Tuition - $70

Monthly Tuition - $280

Tuition payments are due regardless of any missed school days/absences on behalf of the student. 

Enrollment for the 8/19/19 start date are currently being accepted. 

The application fee for this session is due by 8/9/19. 

Once the program is full, applications will still be accepted for a wait list. 

Interested in enrolling your child in this program? Click the button below to download the application form.

Please bring completed forms to our office with a $30 non-refundable application fee. 

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